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Wine Tasting

Wine Detective offers 48 wines for tasting at any time through Enomatic wine dispensers. There are 16 whites and 32 reds on display. When you open a tab, we will hand you a tasting card, which allows you to sample any of these wonderful wines.

We have chosen Enomatic technology, pioneers and leaders of wine dispensing systems in the world, to equip our tasting room. These machines crafted in Tuscany, Italy preserve the wine after the bottle is opened by filling it under pressure with an inert gas (argon in our machines) pushing the oxygen out, and so preserving the wine so it can keep its original aroma and taste for several weeks. These machines are certified by United States Sommelier Association, and in June 2010 Chianti Classico/Gallo Nero Consortium had confirmed through extensive lab testing the absence of noteworthy alterations in the wines within 28 days of observation. Our machines dispense wines by one ounce pours, which is an ample amount for a tasting.

Quality, quality, quality! You will not find a single mediocre wine in our lineup! We taste on average 10-12 different wines to select one that we can offer to our patrons. Currently five people are on our tasting panel, and majority of wines only reach the public if we are able to achieve consensus, so quality is always assured. After that, we are looking for a few additional things:

  • Exceptional value to quality ratio;
  • Difficult to find small production labels;
  • Interesting new varietals and blends;
  • Representation of wines by noteworthy winemakers;
  • Wines you have try before you die.

In our tasting room you can sample Casanova Di Neri Brunello di Montalchino, once called by Wine Spectator “the best wine in the world” for $4.50. Without Enomatic machines it would cost you more than $60 if you buy it in the store, more than $120 in a bar or a restaurant.

All our wines come with information cards displayed above the bottles, which provide basic information about the varietal, winery, winemaker, etc. Our staff is always on hand to help you navigate through the wine collection.